I am not lost

Trying to catch my thoughts

They spin

Like needle & groove

Capitulating in perfect harmony

To evade my quiet heart


So I smoke and smoke

Watching my dreams

Drift away in the air

And my memories

My memories begin to sing


They tell me

Of all the pleasure

All the pain

I have chased

Longing for an escape


In the past I must not dwell

Long have my ghosts

Tried to seduce me back

Haunting my present with their nightly presence


Day breaks and they are banished to the dark

With a melody so melancholy

It will turn your very soul

My past will not be present as my future grows


Or at least until sleep scratches at your door

And the ghosts fade

In their cyclical rage

While I am shut in behind my eyelids


When the demons come to play

I will fight with a light that

Invokes the essence of my being

And repeat the mantra

I am not lost,

I am not lost



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