Daily Rants

Silently my words fall upon the dawn

I’ve been writing all night with fervent delight

My mind hollows itself through this pen

The echoing thoughts that reverberate

Evolving the emotion that spills from my head


To articulate

To express

To explore

To implore


Even when you think you’re going crazy performing

Soliloquies to yourself

At 3am

This poetic ego will not stop


This energy

That sends my mind

Up to the highest heights

And the lowest lows

Can all be contained

On a page

To gauge an emotion

To the devotion of words

And what they embolden


What is hidden in fear

Will one day hold you

In prose

In between your warm toes

As you sit in the bath


To let go

Through the nib of a pen

And relish what the ink releases


Similes create serotonin

Superlatives hold the truth

Contradiction and alliteration

Subjectives and suffixes


That indicate the infinite

Repentances through sentences

For all of your sins

For all of your loves

For all of your dreams floating up above

Your daily existence

Imagination is limitless

Reality is what ground us

As we search for meaning

In these murky streets


This pre Brexit landscape

Chimes with the bells of dystopia

Wicked in this dawn light

Industry churns

Economy burns

The vulnerable yearn

The greedy never learn

In their blinded, self inflicted

Struggles Sisyphean


And the words, the words just keep coming

As the political class

Spout chaos in spasms

Widening future chasms

Of war

In the name of the free market

They are all con artists

Bleak is the mid winter they said

Bleaker still is the shattered future we see


These rants scurry across lined paper like ants

Testament and paramount to the poise of a pen

That lets the healing power begin

I am not lost on a page

Take my hand

I’ll show you what is within

Fuck it

I’ll share my story

As if we were kin

While the kings and queens

Wage for our dreams

Our culture can forge the future

The elected forgot the neglected

And Britain’s Brexit is burning bright


I can’t get away from the news

As populism looms in sight

And the masses shudder with uncertainty and urgently

Worry what is to come

Will nothing relieve us

Of the sins of our fathers

My solace is contained on this page

An emotional stage

Where humility kisses vanity

And our egos mock us with a grin


The world just keeps on turning

And the page springs eternal

Opinions can be expressed

A day can be relayed

In a snippet


As this poem

Has just done here

This rant is over.


 © Jack Nugent

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